Brand in Focus: Wrangler

Named and founded in 1943, Wrangler is one of the three real cornerstone American denim brands still standing tall alongside other iconic denim greats; Lee and Levi’s.

It all began in 1887 with a 20 year old young lad named C.C Hudson who grew up in Tennessee and left home to see fortune in the emerging textile town of Greensboro, North Carolina. Finding work in an overall factory sewing buttons on for 25 cents a day, he stayed on until 1904 when the workplace was closed. Alongside his brother Homer and a few others from the factory, they purchased several of the sewing machines and created the Hudson Overall Company.

Blue Bell Overall CompanyWith business booming, the company had to move from a loft above Coe Brothers Grocery on South Elm Street in Greensboro, to a large headquarters and then the name of the company changed to Blue Bell Overall Company.

1943 Blue Bell acquired the Casey Jones Company – a manufacturer of work clothing, and they also acquired with it the name Wrangler which Casey Jones rarely used, and in 1947 the Wrangler authentic western jeans were designed and introduced to the American consumer. Professional rodeo cowboys Freckles Brown, Jim Shoulders & Bill Linderman did a test wear on the Wrangler 13mWZ and ended up loving them so much, they endorsed the Wrangler name for authenticity, quality and durability.

In 1962 Blue Bell opened a plant in Belgium and the Wrangler brand is successfully launched in Europe with the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association officially endorsing the Wrangler Jeans. And by 1996, one out of every five pairs of jeans sold in America featured the Wrangler label.

Today Wrangler still stands for the cowboy theme with its western roots. The brand has teamed up with American Quarter Horse Association to develop The Ultimate Riding Jean.
And the signature “W” embroidered on the back pockets has become one of the most recognisable symbols in the world of denim.

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